What’s NEXT?

NEXT is our company’s bold commitment to the triple bottom line: a business philosophy that balances economic success with social and environmental stewardship.

Leading a balanced life means taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits while taking care of the planet too. That’s why we educate and empower our employees and residents to lead healthy, sustainable lives. Whether it’s utilizing our on-site fitness centers, choosing a green cleaning product, or winning the Recyclpalooza competition, we want everyone to live in a way that is good for them and good for the planet.

Making wise choices for maintenance and purchasing that reduce waste and toxins and also conserve resources is a serious imperative for Campus Crest. To track our consumption, we implemented a baseline tracking system of energy and water across our portfolio, which provides us data to better monitor our environmental footprint. From our asset management team to our real estate management team, we work tirelessly to ensure that our properties are pretty, fun, full, profitable—and sustainable.

Becoming a sustainable company requires more than decreasing our environmental impacts. It also means being a good social steward and taking care of our various stakeholders, from our employees, our investors, our residents, and the communities where our properties exist. Giving back is an important piece of doing well by doing good, and each year we look for new ways to contribute our resources to improving the lives of others.

We are committed to continually improving the way we design and construct our buildings for optimal health, comfort, efficiency and safety. In 2012, we completed a redesign of our prototype building to align with LEED and Energy Star which will be implemented in our construction going forward. We also installed solar panels at select properties across our portfolio with more in the pipeline. Sustainability is truly built from the ground up at Campus Crest.



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Ted Rollins is the Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Campus Crest. He co-founded Campus Crest in 2004 and established it as a leading developer, builder, owner and manager of high-quality, purpose-built student housing properties located in targeted U.S. markets.

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